Private Pilot Airplane Ground 9 - ATC Radio Procedures
Format: Guided Discussion
Time: 30 minutes

Format: Simulator Session

Time: 90 minutes

Notes: Brief each leg on the whiteboard before flying in the sim.


Norcal Approach, Cessna 123AB is 3 miles south of Placerville Airport, Request Traffic Advisories to Columbia O22.
Cessna 123AB, Say Type AircraftCessna 123AB is a Cessna 172
Cessna 123AB, Squawk 4214Cessna 123AB, Squawk 4214
Cessna 123AB is 5 miles south of the Placerville Airport, Sacramento Altimeter 3012. Say Altitude

Cessna 123, Altimeter 3012, 3,900 Climbing 4,500

Note: Explain the efficiency of using a common model name for callsigns, and variations for climbing, descending, level altitude readouts.