Stage Exam - 1A


The objective of this stage exam is to assess the learner's understanding of:

  • Basic Aerodynamics
  • Procedures and Airport Operations
  • Weather and Weather Services

Complete the Private Pilot Airplane - Stage 1A Exam on

If this is your first time using, use the activation code in the front cover of your ASA Private Pilot Test Prep to create an account. Then click on ‘School’ and then ‘Student Tools’ and then enter 'FFC Instructors' and click submit.  Your request will then be approved shortly by the flight school and you will be able to complete this quiz.

Learning Objectives
Stage Exam Knowledge Areas
Desired Outcome Task/Knowledge
Explain Basic Aerodynamics
Explain Procedures and Airport Operations
Explain Weather and Weather Services
Completion Standards
The lesson is complete when the pilot-in-training can:
  • achieves an 80% score or better on the Stage Exam 1A.