Ground 11 - Practical Test Prep


The purpose of this lesson is to prepare pilot-in-training for the practical test through a review the eligibility requirements and the Sport Pilot Practical Test Standards.


There is no scenario for this lesson.

  • Purchase the Sport Pilot Checkride book from Paul Hamilton's Sport Aviation Center
  • Study the Sport Pilot Practical Test Standards Standards
    • The more time you put into studying the standards, the better prepared you will be for the exam.
    • Be sure to study each appendix as they discuss how the exam is conducted.
  • View these recording of the oral portion of the Private Pilot Practical Test.
  • Prepare for a mock oral exam on these Areas of Operations
    • Area of Operation 1 Preflight Preparation
      • Task A: Pilot Qualifications
      • Task B: Airworthiness Requirements
      • Task K: Principles of Flight
    • Area of Operation 2: Preflight Procedures
    • Area of Operation 3: Airport Operations
  • Ensure that your logbook is complete and up-to-date.  All columns should be sub-total and carried over to the next page.  Double check all sums.
  • Look up the PLT code for each missed question listed on your knowledge test results.  
  • Ensure that all aeronautical experience requirements are documented in your logbook.  Use sticky tabs to flag each entry to make it easier to recall.
  • Ensure that your FAR/AIM is tabbed for all sections listed in the Sport Suggested Study List found at the beginning of the FAR/AIM.
  • Bring with you to this lesson:
    • Logbook
    • IACRA login, password and FTN
    • Knowledge Test Results with PLT codes annotated
    • Sport Pilot Practical Test Standards
Learning Objectives
Practical Test Preparation
Desired Outcome Task/Knowledge
Perform Logbook Review
Perform Knowledge Test Deficiency Review
Perform Practical Test Eligibility
Perform IACRA Application
Sport Pilot Practical Test Standards
Desired Outcome Task/Knowledge
Explain Organization and content of the practical test
Explain Outcomes of the practical test
Explain Checklist of materials and equipment to bring to the test
Oral Test Preparation
Desired Outcome Task/Knowledge
Perform Certificates and Documents
Perform Airworthiness Requirements
Completion Standards
The lesson is complete when the pilot-in-training can:
  • meet the desired outcomes in the learning objectives table.