Flight 1 - Full-Panel Instrument - Basic Maneuvers


The purpose of this lesson is for the pilot-in-training to:

  • become familiar with the instrument training airplane during the preflight inspection, takeoff and landing procedures
  • Practice attitude instrument flying by performing basic flight maneuvers solely by reference to instruments

Print out, study and bring Pattern A and Pattern B

Learning Objectives
Preflight Discussion
Desired Outcome Task/Knowledge
Explain Airworthiness Requirements
Explain Aircraft Certificate and Documents
Explain Aircraft Logbooks
Explain Aircraft Weight and Balance
Explain Aircraft Performance
Explain Positive Exchange of Flight Controls
Explain Single-Pilot Resource Management (SRM)
Explain Crew Resource Management (CRM)
Perform Preflight Risk Assessment
Desired Outcome Task/Knowledge
Practice Full-Panel: Straight-and-Level Flight
Practice Full-Panel: Change of Airspeed
Practice Full-Panel: Standard-Rate Turns
Practice Full-Panel: Constant Airspeed Climbs
Practice Full-Panel: Climbing Turns
Practice Full-Panel: Constant Airspeed Descents
Practice Full-Panel: Descending Turns
Practice Full-Panel: Operations in Turbulence
Postflight Briefing
Desired Outcome Task/Knowledge
Practice Critique maneuvers/procedures and SRM
Completion Standards
The lesson is complete when the pilot-in-training can:
  • maintain positive aircraft control with altitude +- 200 feet, heading +-15 degrees, airspeed +- 15 knots and bank angles +- 5 degrees during turns.