Flight 1 - Maneuver Review


The purpose of this lesson is for the pilot-in-training to:

  • develop familiarization with how the training airplane handles by practicing Private Pilot ACS maneuvers
  • practice the training airplane's normal procedures

Review the training airplane's POH - Chapter 4: Normal Procedures

Review FAA Airplane Flying Handbook for Private Pilot maneuvers if necessary

Learning Objectives
Preflight Discussion
Desired Outcome Task/Knowledge
Explain Maneuver Discussion
Perform Preflight Risk Assessment
Desired Outcome Task/Knowledge
Practice Normal/Crosswind Takeoff
Practice Maneuvering during Slow Flight
Practice Power-off Stall
Practice Power-On Stall
Practice Steep Turns
Practice Chandelles
Practice Steep Spiral / Emergency Descent
Practice Normal/Crosswind Approach and Landing
Practice Go Around
Practice Forward Slip to Landing
Postflight Briefing
Desired Outcome Task/Knowledge
Practice Critique performance
Completion Standards
The lesson is complete when the pilot-in-training can:
  • conduct flight maneuvers and procedures while maintaining altitude within ±150 feet, heading within ±15 degrees and airspeed ±10 knots.