Flight 1 - Fundamental Flight Maneuvers

The purpose of this lesson is to introduce the student to the airplane cockpit and fundamental flight maneuvers. In addition, student will practice normal checklist procedures.

Let's go sight-seeing!

A friend is visiting from out-of-town and you want to show them the local area from the air. Sights that you want to show your friend include Folsom Lake, the American River, Coloma, and Gold Hill.
  • Study these maneuvers in the Jeppesen Private Pilot Maneuver guide
    • Chapter 1 - Ground Operations
      • Maneuver 1 - Preflight Inspection
      • Maneuver 2 - Engine Starting
      • Maneuver 3 - Taxiing
      • Maneuver 4 - Before Takeoff Check
      • Maneuver 5 - Postflight Procedures
      • Exercises - Ground Operations
    • Chapter 2 - Basic Maneuvers
      • Maneuver 6 - Straight-and-Level Flight
      • Maneuver 7 - Climbs
      • Maneuver 8 - Descents
      • Maneuver 9 - Turns
      • Exercises - Basic Maneuvers
  • Study Chapter 4 - Normal Procedures in your training airplane's POH/AFM.
  • Study your training airplane's Normal Procedures Checklist
Learning Objectives
Preflight Discussion
Desired Outcome Task/Knowledge
Describe Lesson Objectives and Completion Standards
Describe Normal Checklist Procedures
Describe Taxiing
Describe Fundamental Maneuvers – Straight and Level, Climbs, Turns, Descents
Describe Aerodynamic Principles
Describe Preflight Risk Assessment
Desired Outcome Task/Knowledge
Describe Aircraft preflight inspection
Describe Flight Instrument Usage and Interpretation
Describe Engine Instrument Usage Interpretation
Describe Avionics Usage
Describe Flight Control Usage
Describe Engine Control Usage
Describe Engine starting and warm-up
Describe Pre-takeoff and run-up procedures
Describe Proper use of the radio for two-way communication
Describe Taxiing
Describe Normal takeoff and Climb
Describe Effect and use of controls
Describe Straight Climbs and Level Offs
Describe Straight-and-level flight
Describe Shallow and Medium Banked Turns
Describe Descents with and without power and Level Offs
Describe Aerodynamics Demonstration
Describe Rudder Coordination Exercises
Describe Pre-landing procedures
Describe After landing, engine shutdown and securing procedures
Describe Aircraft postflight inspection
Postflight Briefing
Desired Outcome Task/Knowledge
Describe Critique Performance
Completion Standards
The lesson is complete when the pilot-in-training can:
  • meet the desired outcomes listed in the learning objective table.
  • conduct normal checklist procedures with little input from the instructor.